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Harry + August 2014

10308) I only think that I’m fat. No one else is even overweight in my eyes, and I see people bigger than me. I am disgusting and gross in a world of beautiful people.

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What if you don’t complete the person that completes you?

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Anonymous said: why is everyone acting like harry is very feminine and girly but louis is a laddy bro pal? why can't they be a little more complex than that? why does everyone agree that louis went through media training but still buy into his macho persona?


not everyone, anon! i’m here for ya. after all, the one word louis picked to describe himself was

but - that was old, young, louis, right? he’s not like that any more!



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"Estaba con mi hermana de 10 años en la playa, ella quiso acercarse a tocar el mar y yo la seguí. Subió sus mangas para que no se mojaran y en ese instante observé unas marcas en su muñeca derecha. Mi corazón comenzó a palpitar rápidamente. Le pregunté que le había pasado, ella se quedó callada y metió sus manos al agua. Repetí la pregunta, esta vez con un poco de desesperación; ella solo me miró y respondió "quería que estuviéramos iguales".

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